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Maintenance saves repair

Repair & Services

We always examine the Thermostat. Easy but necessary
Clean or Replace Air Filters. ...
Clean the Outside Unit. ...
Check Wiring and Components. ...
Check the Condenser Unit's Fan

Cleaning, checking and maintenance saves you from costly repair.

New Aircon


Purchase a Unit

There is a type for each household, apartment, house, garage, or business. Depends on what you like and need. We can advice you, so your purchase will be the best for your situation.

Prepare the wall

Choose a Spot and mark it. Wise to turn off Power to the Room, before making the hole and constructing a Frame for the Air Conditioner. Then we create the Hole and install the AC Unit through the Wall.

Complete the Installation

We install the AC Unit through the Wall and nail it in place. And gaps or holes will be repaired. We may use silicone (or other material) and then maybe we paint so it all matches color.


Basic Prices


Split type cleaning

  • Cleaning the filter once every two weeks is recommended.
  • Clean filter of dust by washing with water or using a vacuum cleaner.
  • When extremely soiled, we will wash it an dry.
  • Cleaning not only the filter but also cleaning the cooling fan
  • We confirm that cooling fan is clean.


Cassette type cleaning

  • Clean the Outer Unit
  • Sanitize the external portion of the cassette AC.
  • Clean or replace the Air Filters
  • Clean or Replace the Plasma Filters
  • Check for Leaks and Unnecessary Noise.


Move or Installment split type

  • Drill into walls and floors
  • Test electric circuits
  • Replacing defective parts
  • Ensure it all works
  • Test for leaks